Boothbay, Maine

Case Closed

Mission Summary

A quick reaction team was dispatched to Boothbay, Maine on 3 NOV 15 in response to an email request from a local high school student who claimed that her friend had gone missing – disappeared, actually, in front of her – in a local graveyard where other girls over a number of years had also disappeared. Local records were sparse and seemingly offline, so the team was left with the need to do a great deal of local investigation.

Arriving in Boothbay mid-day on the 3rd, the team effectively researched local archives in the library, town records, historical society, and newspaper. They also interviewed the girl Teresa Hayes, and made contact with a ‘coven’ of local witches (high school students with no knowledge of the Unknown).

Through these efforts that identified a pattern of disappearances of girls, ages 7-18, from 1948 to the present, many of which fit the profile of victims of the Unknown in terms of the circumstances of their disappearances. A few seemed like possible runaways, but most were highly suspicious.

Two envoys also explored the cemetary, at dusk, and along with finding evidence of possible Wiccan rituals onsite, were also confronted directly by the ghost of a young girl, near an abandoned ‘gate to nowhere’ in a corner of the graveyard. Upon meeting together as a group and sharing findings, the team, using photographic evidence, determined that the ghost was of the first girl to have disappeared. They decided to investigate the graveyard that night, late, when it would likely be empty and they would have a free hand to act.

One envoy was able to contact the ghost, which surprisingly understood its situation completely and simply refused to stop taking “playmates” until she was satisfied. Her grave was dug up and once her mouldering teddy bear was set up fire she reappeared and attacked the envoys, using the Wound discipline, and then employed Chill in its mad raging, attempting to kill the envoys while also banishing itself back to the Unknown. Several envoys were injured, and one seriously, but the threat was ended.

The girl who’d disappeared burst forth from the gate, and although malnourished, dehydrated, and suffering from exposure, she would survive. Also appearing from inside the gate were the ghosts of a number of girls, who soon thereafter faded away, some directly at their own graves.

The team stayed on in town for a few days after ‘finding’ the girl wandering in the woods and taking her to the local clinic for treatment.



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