Case Closed

Mission Summary
Six envoys met in Tucson, Arizona, to investigate a series of disappearances seemingly associated with a popular traveling and web-based psychic medium show, “Alive on the Other Side.” Hosted weekly online in a live call-in show and once each month in a different city with a live audience, the show was hosted by Arlo Drake (real name: Philip Martinez), and consisted of him doing exceptionally good cold reads on audience members who’d paid a sizable amount to be present. Several people in other cities had disappeared over time, and SAVE was confident that the show was the one joint variable in their experiences.

After investigation into records, financials, and backgrounds, the team focused on Art Dexter, a local widower who’d attended several of the online shows and was confirmed to have bought a ticket to the upcoming live show in Tucson, at the La Paloma resort hotel. Envoys…kidnapped…Mr. Dexter and restrained him in his own home in order that one of them could assume his identity and attend the show. Two other envoys also attended the show under assumed names and noticed that the only other show staff members, a producer and a director, paid a great deal of attention to both “Mr. Dexter” and another audience member, Ms. Terry Jensen, age 78, a moderately wealthy widow who’d also been active in the online shows.

Tracking Drake, Eric Saunders (the director) and Jenn Adams (producer), the team found that they were staying at an isolated, posh foothills rental home, and over the few days after the show – and leading up to a new moon – watched as the two staffers contacted, coaxed, and used some manner of the Evil Way to attempt to influence both ‘Dexter’ and presumably the old woman to come to the house on the night of the new moon to “cross over” to be with their departed loved one(s).

Parallel to this the team confirmed that the missing people had also had their bank accounts and investments either drained or transferred before their disappearances.

On the night of the new moon, the envoys surrounded the house and when the three perpetrators took ‘Dexter’ and Jensen into the backyard to “cross over” by jumping, willingly, into the now-bubbling swimming pool, next to which sat an unplugged but glowing television protected by plastic sheeting, they attacked.

In what can only be described as a nearly-botched operation, gunshots were fired, Saunders and Adams were both killed by gunfire and revealed to be some humanoid creatures of the Unknown, and Ms. Jensen, hysterical, was spirited away by the envoys, along with the corpse of ‘Saunders’ and Drake/Martinez, who is was later determined had been a dupe mind control.

Note for future Tucson or Arizona operations: Bill Preston, esq., should be moved to the Deactivated envoy list, as his erratic behavior proved to be a liability.



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