Resolved, or so it seems


Gordon and Jackson pulled out of the neighborhood and onto the street that would lead them to the highway, putting another job behind them – at least most of it.

The poltergeist had gone quiet for a few days after the events of Friday and Saturday, and the Sartmanns had started the things they’d been told they needed to do in order to keep Old Bob satisfied, and keep their family together. Larry was eager to step up as the leader of his family, rather than just its part-time commander. Sarah agreed to go into counseling for her pill usage, although she was adamant that it was not an addiction and wasn’t even something indulged in that often – but she did admit that it was a sometime crutch that needed to go. Kathy turned over access to her Facebook accounts (all three of them) and several other secret web identities, along with her phone and the dark recesses of her computer’s hard drive. It seems that she had been on her way to becoming a druggy and had flirted with porn, even having contact with some creep online who had her sending pictures now and again. Basically, she’d started out as they all start out: curious, looking for any cheap thrills she could get, and craving the attention that she felt she wasn’t really getting at home. And like in so many other situations it started slowly, then more, and more, until just now, when it was almost certain to spin out of control. Danny was young, but had been generally left alone by Old Bob, and so maybe he’d heal naturally over time.

The family, on Saturday, got in contact with the pastor of the church they’d attended now and again, made an appointment with him, and attended services on Sunday. In this area they were all shaky and self-conscious, but felt compelled to do this and do it the right way.

“Let’s go see the national park where the battle took place,” suggested Jackson. “We’re here – might as well.” Gordon smiled, tired, but accepting the idea as a good one. They needed some downtime, and the email from Mal that just appeared could wait.



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