RinCon '16

Information for sessions at Rincon '16 in Tucson

I’m going to run the following sessions of Chill 3e at RinCon ‘16. Feel free to peruse anything on this site for some idea about the game, background, and session logs from some short-run stories I’ve run at both RinCon ’15 and at my home game.

  • Sunshine in Maine: Girls disappear sporadically in Boothbay, Maine, and while it seems that most of town is willing to turn a blind eye, SAVE is not – especially since it seems to have started again. Investigate and resolve this manifestation of the Unknown before more victims are claimed, maybe even the envoys themselves.
  • In a Dark Bayou: Bodies are missing from a small town morgue deep in the Louisiana bayou, and two SAVE envoys have not reported in from their initial investigation of the area. You and your team of envoys must find out what’s happened, who or what is causing it, and put a stop to this latest manifestation of the Unknown.



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