The Sartmanns, their house, and their problems

helpful discoveries among disturbing incidents

Writing this as narrative would take a long time, and would make for a very long post, so this is in note format.

Things learned by interview of the family

  • The disturbances started small about 3 weeks ago, with things going missing and such. The family blamed one another and were on edge for about a week before things started to escalate.
  • About 10 days ago things got worse, and quickly. The ‘stacking’ incident took place in the living room; the phone message (which is not, nor was was it ever, on the house voicemail) occurred; and the noises as night started, all within a 24-hour period.
  • They’ve lived here for 4 years; nothing stands out about the previous owners or property.
  • The son clings to mom while the bratty daughter relies on dad to make excuses for her.
  • The disturbances have followed the family to places where they’ve tried to flee or find shelter or calm

Clues from searching the house

  • The garage is a freezing cold black void of space that will suck things in
  • Several rooms have animated things in them, or flying stuff; the attic has a hurricane in it if you stay there for a minute or so; the hall closet is stuck shut; the daughter’s room is completely normal aside from the closet, which is stuck shut.
  • Everything looks normal from outside.

Other things learned

  • Kathy, the daughter, finally admitted to playing with a ouija board with a friend and having a spirit named “Bob” contact her – she thought nothing of it, aside from it being creepy.
  • Salt seemed to keep the moving objects away, but aside from forming a barrier against small stuff doesn’t seem to have much utility. The living room has always had low-level activity only – at least when people are present.
  • Poltergeists, which is what it sounds like this thing is, tend to attach themselves to people or places. The ones that attach themselves to people do so for some reason – something they want to accomplish – and are the more dangerous of the two types, because they can follow a person and tend to…obsess.
  • Ouija boards are no joke. When used correctly (enough) they will open a door, however small, that can allow things to come through. Never worth the risk.


Any word from Mal and/or the Medium?


We’ll get to Mal’s response after you guys spend a night in the house. That is, if you plan on staying there with the family.


Jackson watches the house plant from the kitchen drift by and shakes his head.
In an attempt to distract the boy, Jackson asks, “So Danny, whats your favorite subject at school?”


The boy fidgets a little and looks at his father, who musters a smile and says quietly, “go ahead” while nodding.

“Uh, I like math, I think.”

Note: he’s in 3rd grade.


His father encourages him a little more and teases out a little more talk, this time about soccer, which gets him to open up a little, and then about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his favorite football team…“they’re like pirates!”

He then shuts down again when a voice comes out of the a/c register whispering “you’re to blame, you know…it’s your fault, dad….”

At least that’s what it sounds like.


Gordon walks over and says “What’s that Bob? Come on, we want to know what you’re saying”


“Oh good, I didn’t hear you come in over the racket around here.”


‘Bob’ does not answer. Danny goes back to being petrified, and moves to cling to mom once she’s home. The daughter sits on the end of the couch by herself, then tells her dad she’s going out back to get some fresh air, then heads out the front door and (seemingly) around the side of the house to the back yard.

“Well, investigators, what’s next?” asks the father, who seems suddenly irritated and looking to sound assertive.


If I am not mistaken, we ended up bringing food back with us. So, I think this would be a good time for Jackson and I to go out to the car the re-watch the video of the walk through. Trying to nail down any new things etc. we might find. Shouldn’t take longer than about 30 minutes. After that, I will convey to Danny and his Dad that later on this Evening, after we place a salt circle around the bed in the Master bedroom, Danny and his Mom can go to bed while Kathy, Mr. Sartmann, Jackson and I will attempt to communicate down in the living room.

So, do we hear anything extra on the re-watch of the video?


Your laptop has some software on it that you use to push mundane noises into the background of a recording, at least somewhat. You’re usually left with white noise, maybe the sound of footfalls, and the occasional other sound in addition to your own voices, since you two were talking with the family as you moved around the house.

You do pick up sounds. There’s what seems to be a mumbling voice or maybe a distant rumbling sound – it’s difficult to tell the difference – that comes up now and again, although doesn’t seem to be tied to any one location. If it’s mumbling, it sounds like a guy talking to himself and occasionally humming… it sounds a little like a golf announcer meet Bill Murray’s character from Caddyshack.

In a few places you think you can make out the words “…that’s bad…” and what sounds like someone saying “tsk, tsk…” as if in response to something. That last piece was heard when you guys opened the attic.

The clearest voice-like sound you heard was when Jackson was trying to force open the daughter’s closet door: “…(garble)…like it in hell…”


Gordon heaves a great sigh and takes on a contemplative look. Jackson, not enjoying the silence says “whats that working through your noggin?” Gordon looks at him, then back to the video he is playing through again before saying “We have entered Stage 4 for this Poltergeist, and it appears to be moving quickly. See when they contacted us, it was about Stage 2 entering into Stage 3. With how fast this is going, I’m not sure if we are going to be able to help them, because Stage 5 begins the final phase, the deadly phase. The phase where it begins to inflict physical harm to the inhabitants.” He stares dead serious at Jackson for a moment before turning back to his laptop, closing the window and shutting it down. He looks out the car window at the tranquil looking house, the great facade of the turmoil within.

Turning back to Jackson he finds him also taking in the Sartmanns’ home as he says “How can such pure evil exist within such a nice fucking place?” Gordon kind of chuckles at this, and says “Evil… True evil is, above all things, seductive. When the devil knocks at your door he doesn’t have cloven hooves. He is beautiful and offers you your hearts desire in whispered airs. Like a Siren, beckoning you to her ruinous shore.” Gordon then looks back to the house “That is a lost soul, a lost soul that we must lead to it’s resting place. My Grandfather once made me write a paper on spirits, and I often wonder if this weren’t part of his attempts to lead me to the truth of his existence. There is a reason… a longing of sorts that causes the spirit to knowingly or unknowingly cling to this side and not move on to the afterlife.” Looking back to Jackson “In this case, we need to find out what is holding this spirit here, and I believe I may have sorted that. This is what I think I know” he holds up his index finger “One, it looks like the spirit’s name is Bob.” Holding up another finger “I think he is protecting Kathy for some reason, something like a Fatherly figure. Hence the snarky comments toward Mr. Sartmann.” Holding up another finger “Being that Bob is protective, he is also very touchy, so we need to not incite him or push him in any way.” He looks at Jackson letting the weight of the last part sink in. “As an aside, Kathy may be aware to some extent, that she is the focal and being a snotty Teenager may be using it to her advantage.” Gordon continues to pack up his laptop, and sets the bag down between them on the front seat. “So, we need to go in there and ask some questions, and probably best to have the family go upstairs to the Master Bedroom with a salt circle laid out around them before we begin. Hopefully, you and I, will be able to draw out what Bob wants.” Jackson grunts in ackowledgement. Both men step out of the Charger, lock the laptop in the trunk, say a quick prayer to the rosary before crossing themselves, and kissing their prayer beads. They then look at each other and nod as they stride determinedly to the task at hand.


Note: both of you are all out of bubblegum.


The duo stride toward the house, anxious to get to work. Jackson’s new friend in the duffel bag over his shoulder and a large sack of salt loads in his other hand.

“Did you bring your ‘noisy cricket’? He slaps Gordon on the back as they move into the house to get started.


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Nein. Wir ham keine bekommte.


Die Tote sollen wann sie mussen toten wissen.
(The Dead must know when to die.)

Our team motto. (Like Boondocks Saints, but in German)


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