Vicksburg, MS

New York is going to have to wait

Gordon showed Jackson the email from Mal, which contained a forwarded message from a contact of his.

Between Mal’s comments and the other messages in the thread, it was clear that the Sartmann family of Vicksburg, MS, was experiencing some unpleasant phenomena. Given that this came from Mal, it was obvious that the initial claims had been properly vetted and this was likely to be legitimate.

In a nutshell, Erika Sartmann had contacted a former teacher of hers, Dr. Roger Spalding, a psych professor at the University of Mississippi. Spalding, while not a SAVE member, was familiar with a few folks in the organization and in fact had turned down membership on a few occasions. He’d had some odd experiences over time and was a reliable source of information within his academic field. In this case, a former, trusted student turned to him because she was afraid that she and her family were experiencing some kind of group hallucinations or dementia. He passed this along to a contact of Mal’s, who got with Mal.

For over a week the family, living in an upscale suburb, had experienced increasingly disturbing events: at first it was misplaced small items. Then things moved around the house, unseen. They quickly got on one another’s nerves, each suspecting pranks. A few days ago Erika walked through the family room and into the kitchen to get something before heading out of the house, and when she went back through the family room saw that all the furniture had been soundlessly stacked and piled, along with everything else in the room.

What’s gone on since has been even more disturbing, with the family – mom, dad, a teenage girl and a 6 year-old boy – seeing things move on their own. They tried to stay at a friend’s house, but the problems followed them. They went to a hotel, but could neither sit on the bed (it would shake violently) nor turn on the television – only static and growling sounds there.

The family is at wit’s end. Things are getting worse. You’re only a day away. More information can follow if you’re up to taking the job.


Jackson handed the laptop back to Gordon and pulled the last third of his Trooper. His empty beer bottle on the nightstand, he moved toward the shower. This late at night he was usually asleep, but lately the research side of the gig was getting to him. He saw himself as a man of action and conversely, research felt like inaction.
But as soon as he read the forward from Mal he suddenly had purpose again.
He’d done the 3 S’s in record time and was loading his gear into Gordon’s car before his friend had finished responding to their contact.
Checking to make sure his .45 had a full mag and one in the pipe, he began loading his friend’s equipment into the car as well.
Gordon raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say much. He much preferred his friend this way more than the sulking drunk without a cause.
“It’s 23:58 hours and you’re ready to roll out now?” Gordon said teasingly. In truth, he was itching to get back into the fight too.
With the gleam back in his eyes Jackson smiled, “Folks need help. Can’t just leave ’em with no back up.”
He stopped half way to the door and with a sly grin he offered, “Want me to drive?”

Vicksburg, MS

Gordon let loose a heavy sigh as he closed his laptop, and stowed it into his bag. “I haven’t even finished my coffee yet” he said as he stood up, stretched and took a big swig of his coffee. He slung his bag over his shoulder and gave him a long stare as he approached the door before saying “I really don’t like others driving my car!”

Vicksburg, MS

The most direct route from OK City to Vicksburg is south to Dallas then straight east, and is about an 8 hour drive. You could also go through Little Rock, which is straight east from OK City, but there are no primary highways between LR and Vicksburg – just state roads.

Dallas has a lot of gun stores and other shopping possibilities if you want stuff.

What’s the plan? It’s midnight on a Wednesday, after having wrapped up at the VA and kicking back at Suzanne’s place to unwind a little (nice community clubhouse and pool).

Vicksburg, MS

“Less trouble if we head East to Conway, then down to Pine Bluff, on down to Vicksburg. We won’t have to deal with the congestion of the big city either.”

Vicksburg, MS

“Sounds fine to me. I don’t care how we get there- as long as we do. I wouldn’t mind picking up some kind of Geiger counter for spirits if there is such a thing.” Jackson absent-mindedly checked the silver knife in his belt.

Vicksburg, MS

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