Malcolm Kim

IT Guy Extraordinaire; Source of Information; Southern Baptist


Kim grew up in Dallas, Texas, where his parents, immigrants from South Korea, settled when he was an infant. He was graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Computer Science, and currently works as a contract Software Engineer, doing work for various companies and interests. He works from home outside of Houston. He is married and has two children, and his wife Claire is a real estate agent.

He has a surprisingly deep voice, and speaks with an evident Texas accent, which sounds completely unlike how he looks. People are generally very surprised when the first meet him in person after having worked with him remotely.

Kim joined SAVE several years ago after uncovering evidence of a ghostly entity that had inhabited a database and was able to reach out and affect people and places through the Internet.

Although raised a Methodist, Kim has been a member of a Southern Baptists congregation since college, where he serves on the church board of elders.

Malcolm Kim

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