RinCon 15
If that's how you found this place

I’m running two sessions of Chill 3e at RinCon 15, as previewed below.

#DeadInTucson – 7pm, Friday 2 OCT – People are disappearing, and SAVE believes that a traveling ‘psychic’ has something to do with it. Are these “exclusive psychic events” where people can supposedly make contact with dead friends and relatives, tell the future, and divine other supernatural secrets, more than just huckstering as usual, or is something else to blame?

Isle of the Dead – 2pm, Saturday 3 OCT – The Isle o’ Fun amusement park has been closed for decades and sits, rotting, on an island in a large lake near two cities. Tales of ghostly lights, supernatural occurrences, and even disappearances and deaths have become part of local lore. With a large country club and several planned communities about to break ground on the lake, SAVE needs the Isle o’ Fun investigated, and whatever is behind these events – benign or malign – put to rest, for good.


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