SAVE Teams

SAVE Denver

6 active members, 2 associates, 4 inactive.
The Denver team, which had started small in the 1980s, was shuttered by the late 90s due to deaths and personal issues among members. The current team was restarted by Richard Owen, a SAVE veteran and transplant from Portland, OR, and has grown quickly in the last decade.

SAVE Houston

4 active members, 4 associates, 3 inactive.
Restarted in 2012 by two brothers, this team is still very much in its initial growth stage, although it has already taken on a few successful investigations.

SAVE Tucson

5 active members, 1 associate, 2 inactive.
Calling themselves ‘The Dune Sea’ as a nod to Star Wars, the Tucson office has been in existence in some form or another for some 40 years. One of the inactive members, Grace Hopkins, is one of the founders, and a retired university librarian; she is still quietly involved in research and archival work.


  • Active Member: A full-time envoy, either directly employed by SAVE through one of its front entities or full-time on a voluntary basis.
  • Administrative Work: Office work and research; unlikely to involve contact with the Unknown.
  • Associate Member: A part-time envoy, available on a per-case basis for administrative or operational work.
  • Inactive Member: An envoy no longer involved in field work or administrative functions but still by self-election willing to assist in varying ways, depending on the situation.
  • Operational Work: Field work involving investigation and activity with the strong potential to interact directly with the Unknown.

SAVE Teams

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