all meta here

Instead of writing a narrative, which I might do later, I thought that a list of what was done, accomplished, and learned would be most helpful in trying to figure out what to do next.


  • It seems that you ruled out the first death, leaving 6: all services, 5 men, one woman, all between 24 and 32 years of age, all in-patients, all marked as having died from some undiagnosed injury-related problem.
  • Each of the six were visited by Anna McPherson, RN, who seemed to morph into a blurry black cloud, hover over the paralyzed but very much awake victim, and draw something out of them by nose and mouth. This took about a minute.
  • The video of each death is scratchy and full of static, but once all six are watched the ‘image’ of what happened is very clear.
  • Why does this incriminating video exist, and yet nothing’s been done?

McPherson’s House

  • Virtually empty
  • 47 bottles of unopened wine; 15 empties in the recycle bin. Only food was mac & cheese mix and dozens of bags of super-cheap ramen
  • Strange residue in sink and tub in master bath; slight evidence of sex on the sheets.


  • You’ve got IT badges from the VA, which got you in one day. Perhaps they’d work again.
  • If it’s a monthly thing, you’ve got safely no more than 2 weeks. Wait…now about 12 days



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