Galliano, LA

Case Closed

Mission Summary

Envoys dispatched from Southern and Midwestern regions investigated disappearances of three corpses from a morgue in Galliano, Louisiana, and determined that the area had experienced sporadic mysterious deaths and body disappearances since the mid-19th Century. Locals were moderately friendly but not helpful overall, as seems typical for small, insular communities with similar problems.

Local police chief, Clyde Clayton, was recruited to take the envoys into a portion of the bayou that locals seemed eager to avoid, and where basic electronic tests showed there to be some possibly Unknown-related presence. The chief was unaware of the truth.

A few hours into the bayou, and at the trailing edge of dusk, the team’s (police) boat was attacked by hundreds of hands, which sought to tear the boat apart. Quick, albeit destructive, thinking ended with the boat’s fuel line being cut to provide a spray of gas to torch the hands. Soon thereafter the team, now using oars to move the somewhat charred boat forward, found a small shack.

Once on the porch of the shack they were attacked by eight animated corpses, which burst out of the building. Head shots were effective, confirming after the fact that these were only the mindless undead, actuated by another, greater, force. Inside the shack there were three separate rooms: the front, where the corpses had been before attacking, and two storage rooms. One had six more bodies, all lifeless, and with one missing its head, hands, and feet. In the other room there were eight large glass jars, caked in dust and grime, sitting on shelves, along with some other rotten supplies and sundries.

Going through the jars the envoys found in each a head, hands, and feet, Some of them animated and attacked; others were inert. Upon opening one on the lower shelf, a massive swarm of mosquitos and biting flies emerged from thin air and attacked, and moments later a headless, handless, feetless corpse appear and began swatting at them with its stumps. Gordon, being the most experienced envoy of the team, took a chance and hurled the latest head at the body, which immediately adhered to its chest, and the whole thing collapsed to the ground.

Using the extra jug of gas from the boat the team drenched the body and lit it and the shack on fire.

Comparison with existing case files and archives indicate that this was likely a Lesser Zombie Master, and that the disposal means used should be effective in permanently destroying it.

Chief Clayton has been contacted and efforts are being made to bring him into SAVE, over time. In the meantime he has been given information useful to determining if the threat reappears, and has contact information to reach the New Orleans office should this occur.



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