Isle of the Dead

Case Closed

Mission Summary
Envoys dispatched to ‘Isle o’ Fun’ amusement park near Railing, IL, to investigate longterm supernatural activity there since the park’s closure in 1985 after a night of accidents and incidents killed a number of patrons and chased people off the island.

SAVE arranged for envoys to pose as potential buyers to Thomas Burgess, nephew of the original owner and current holder of the deed to the property. Burgess was eager to sell the property and provided the team with access to the site.

Investigations and operations – including use of the Art to detect, protect against, and heal injury from attacks of the Unknown – determined that the island was, indeed, extensively haunted by a number and variety of entities, from ghosts of dead patrons that seemed only there to act out their last hours of life, to ghosts that attempted to enthrall members of the team. The greatest threats came from ghost of Eugene Burgess, who had considerable powers of illusion and mechanical and electrical animation. He was also able to directly attack the envoys. Additionally, it was confirmed that a Doll Master was present and had animated at least three vessels, which attacked the team.

The Doll Master’s bones were found and burned, along with one of the animated dolls, ending its access to our world. Burgess’ ghost was banished when the box of money he’d filled in life from blackmail and theft was found and burned.

Thomas Burgess was killed by one of the ghosts during the night, and the team was forced to spend a night on the island before contacting authorities in the town the next day in order to be retrieved from the island.



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